Quality is our core objective. We believe that quality is the real essence of production and feel satisfied as we always ensure quality at every step of production, either it is the selection of yarn or using chemicals in processing or packing the finish item according the giver specifications of customers. A well equipped Quality […]

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State of the art dyeing is possible in pigment, reactive & VAT dyes, besides finishes, various other treatments such as stain release, water repellent, fire retardant and crease recovery are possible. We are capable to print 2.5 million meters and Dying 1.2 million meters per month. The finest with 20 colors up to 126″ width.

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Processing Equipment includes Latest Rotary Printing Machines, Continuous Dyeing ranges Thermosol and Pad Steam, Continuous open width bleaching ranges, sanforizing, Mercerizing, Raising Machines. Clenders, a Sueding Plant, Automatic Color Dispensing and Screen Engraving Equipment is also part of our Processing strength.

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State of the art weaving facility is the edge o f our outstanding production capacity of manufacturing the best fabric. Weaving Unit enjoys the facility of 280 ” Sulzer Looms ” which can produce about 2.9 Million Yards of fabric on monthly basis, along with that an iron strength of 2500 Auto and Power Looms

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Ready to stitch, our stitching unit is rich enough enjoying about 200 Stitching Machines of different models including Juki, Pegasus Kansai & Barrato, with “Switch Track System” for efficient & quality stitching. Unit is capable to produce 120,000 Bed sets monthly. Here we are producing Sheeting, Bed skirts, Shams, Comforters Duvets, Dec Pillows, Soft Window

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We offer a professional automated quilting service, our electronic machine is known for its versatility and precision, enhanced by the new master computer, which has revolutionized quilting technology to change and challenge the rules and parameters by adding new features to the programs. QUILTING• Four Manual Quilting Machines• Four Fully Computerized Quilting Machines• One Automatic polyfill cutting machine• Having

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To cater with our day to day weaving requirements we have state of the art spinning units. Equipped with 56400 spindles, having monthly capacity of 3 Lbs of yarn. Currently we are producing Ne 10/I to Ne 80/I, 100 % Cotton & Blends including PV, PP & PC.

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