KB Group

Paradise Spinning Mills Pvt Ltd

We have our own yarn-manufacturing with a capacity of 34400 Spindles with 1.8 million lbs of yarn. It also produces value added yarns using doubling and reeling.

Fairdeal Mills (Pvt) Limited.

We have 1000 Auto looms and Power looms 1500. Our present weaving capacity is 3.0 million meter of Denim and other cotton fabrics with a variety of constructions and blends

K.B Weaving Industry

The variety of fabric weave includes, Plain weave, Sheeting, Canvas, Satin, Drill, Twill, Gabardine, Herringbone and Oxford Weave. Equipped with the most modern looms, Our Weaving produces fabrics in widths ranging form 40″ to 132″.

Our Capacity
• Sulzer Looms 280
• Dobby Looms 60
• Produce 2.9 Million Yards (Monthly)

KB Towels Weaving Mills.

Weaving is considered a science but we at K.B Enterprises it is an art. Our weavers work like artists to satisfy the customers. Our “environment controlled” weaving shed meet the requirements of our customers. In the towel division of weaving department K.B Enterprises has a unique combination of both Sulzer Looms (25) Auto Looms (105) .K.B Enterprises is also one of the Growing Towel Manufacturer in Pakistan and our weaving unit is capable to weave towel from 300-750 GSM with monthly production :1,52,000 kgs.